Public Writing

How Chinese Citizens See Social Credit? UC San Diego China Data Lab Blog. Aug 16, 2022

Is My Fieldwork Sensitive? States, Power, & Societies. Spring/Summer, 9-10. 

Invited Talks

"Following Data in the Authoritarian State." Joint Meeting of the Society for Economic Anthropology and the Society for the Anthropology of Work. Apr 19, 2024

"Following Data in the Authoritarian State." Digital Ethnography Working Group, Rutgers University. 2024. Apr 5, 2024

"Understanding AI via Understanding Data." Interdisciplinary Research in Technology & Society Symposium, Tufts University. Mar 25, 2024

"Sense and Sensitivity." Doing China-Related Research in COVID-19, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Mar 23, 2022

"Surveillance Statism." The Digital State: Technology and Government in Pandemic Times, King’s College London. May 14, 2021.